As Per Mechanical And Thermal Engineering Different Type Of Single Pass And Multi pass He And Condenser Has Been Developed By Ganar For Cooling , Condensing And Heating Application In Fitted Tube Sheets Type , Floating Head Or Removable “U” Tube Bundle Type To Suit Different Processes And To Meet Customer Requirement.

Salient Features:

Well Engineering Solution To Avoid Misdistribution Of Fluid Flow Heat Transfer Coefficient Is High To Reduce Operational Cost Easy And Stress Free Tube Bundle Assembly High Thermal Efficiency Easy Maintenance

Heat Exchanger For Process Involve Phase Transition :

Finned Tube
Fixed Tube Sheet
Removable Tube Sheet
Coil In Tank
Heat Exchanger Without Phase Distribution
Coolers And Pre Heaters For Liquids And Gases

Heat Exchanger Range And Design :

Capacity Varies From 0.2 M2 To 600m2
Design Pressure Range : Full Vacuum To 60 Kg/Cm2
Design Temperature Range : Cryogenic To 300 Degree Celsius

Material Of Construction:

MS IS2062
SA 240 SS304
SS316L / SS316 And Other Grade Of SS
Haste alloy
Alloy 20

Heat Transfer Process Equipment’s:

Ganar Has Been Developing Different Type Of Heat Transfer Equipments As Per Is , Tema , Asme Section Viii , Api-660 Which Exactly Meet Customer Need In Pharma , Food And Beverage ,Fertilization , Chemical Industries, Dairy Industries.

Here Some Listed Equipments Manufacture By Ganar
1. Various Type Of Shell And Tube Type Heat Exchanger.
2. Evaporator
3. U Tube Type Heat Exchanger
4. Shell And Tube Condenser
5. Distillation Plant( Batch And Continuous Type )
6. Chiller