Vacuum Tray Dryer Is An Equipment Design For Drying Such A Substance At Required Low Temperature Under Full Vacuum. Vtd Has Custom Build Modern Design Having Mass Production Of Drying Substance In Minimum Time Rather Than Conventional Tray Dryer. Ganar Has Offer Wide Range Of Capacity Of Vtd Which Are Widely Used In Pharma , Chemical , Agro And Food Industries Where Batch Production Required.

Salient Features :

Material Moc : SS316 / SS304 Gmp Or Ms External With Stainless Steel.
Shelf ( Hollow Type ) With Baffle SS304 / MS As Per Client Requirement And Easy Maintenance.
Condenser With Receivers In SS316 / SS304 For Condensation Recovery.
Glass View Provided On The Door And Receiver.
Temperature Indicator Connections Provide At Hot Water Inlet And Outlet In Vacuum Line.
Vacuum Guage Provide On Front And Vacuum Breaker To Brake Vacuum By Using Manual Ball Valve.
Trays Are In SS316 / SS304 As Per Requirement Std. Size 400w X 800 L X 40 Ht.
Flow Glass Provide To Monitor Condensation Between Condenser And Receiver.
Validation Port Provision For Nitrogen Purging.
Mirror Polished To Enhance Asthetic Look.
Glasswool Insulation
Wall Mounting Arrangement Optional If Required.


1. High Contact Surface Area For Indirect Heating For Batch Production.
2. Easy And Low Maintenance Cost.
3. Compact Design
4. Low Cost Operation
5. Easy Cleaning In Place As Per Usfd Norms.
6. Heating Product At Low Temperature Under Full Vacuum.
7. Shelf Life Span Is High Due To MOC Of SS316L.

Testing :

Main Body Air Test Take Up To 1.5 Kg/Cm2.
Shelf Hydrotest With Header Assembly 4 Kg/Cm2.
Vtd Assembly Vacuum Test Take Up To 740 Mm Hg.
Condenser With Receiver Assembly Pressure Test Taken Up To 3.5 Kg/Cm2.


Pharma Api Plant
Food And Agro